Two Days South of Krabi, Thailand

As I mentioned in my Ko Lanta, Thailand post, day 5 and 6 of my trip were much more enjoyable for the leisurely type. Think traveling by high speed boat out to a remote island with crystal clear blue water with a plethora of coral reef ready to be explored by snorkeling. Followed by an even more leisurely experience on Ko Rok island, where you can find many little hermit crabs and enjoy a little piece of paradise while visiting this island. 

Following my morning of R&R, it was time to head Ko Klang. A quante little fisherman town with unique ways on how they captured their fish, and that also had a specialization in rice growing. To get around this town it was all done by their local side scooter vehicles that take you winding around their little streets through their unique towns. Around each corner was a new spectacle either it be traditional children enjoying popsicles after class to everyday adults going amongst their lives. It was neat to see so much rich culture in one place, simply stunning. 

Locations visited: 

  • Ko Rok for snorkeling/ lunch
  • Ko Klang Island for Islanda Eco Resort Hotel
  • Learn about  sangyot rice
  • Long tail boat to see traditional Thai fishing   

If there is anything I left out that you’d like to know, feel free to leave a comment. There was so much done each day, I’m only sharing my favorite moments from each location. 

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Doesn’t get more Hipster than Overalls in San Francisco 

Overalls: Forever 21/ Shirt: Manuel Racim/ Shoes: Toms/ Laces: Hickies/ Sunglasses: Banana Republic/ Watch: Casio/ Bracelet: Coach 

After three amazing weeks of traveling, I am sadly headed back to New York today (oddly enough I do mean that with a sigh, these three weeks have got me so excited to start traveling more at the end of May). My stay in San Francisco was way too short. I’m going to miss my high school best friend and new friends from Coachella that allowed me and my friend to crash at their sick place in the Mission District (reason 10001 to attend Coachella if you haven’t yet, you make amazing friends!)

My time in San Francisco really couldn’t have been better spent than enjoying each day like a local. Having a place to stay in central SF made all the difference from the amazing brunch locations to convenient Lyft car service. I could actually see myself living out here for a long period of time in the later future. 

Though I must admit their style is much more hipster than Brooklyn. Sure Brooklyn may have coined the term because of Williamsburg, but SF definitely has their fair share as well. Which is exactly why i planned an overall outfit for my stay here. The plaid and overalls combination just go hand in hand with San Francisco and their laid back lifestyle vibes. Plus plaid is practically hipster mandatory dress code.

Regardless I am sad I won’t be seeing my friends again for a while, but am happy to have shared such a great weekend with equally amazing people.

photographer: Jeff

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Coachella Weekend 1 Wrap Up

Hat: Qilo /Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole/ Shirt: Vans/ Shorts: Uniqlo/ Shoes: Toms/ Laces: Hickies/ Bracelet: Coach + Philip Crangi 

I haven’t wanted to admit this since Monday morning, but as weekend 2 of Coachella kicks off it’s time I come to terms with Coachella being over for me (at least until next year). On Sunday, I decided to take it extremely easy and enjoy Lacoste’s pool party for the second day in a row, but this time actually get in the pool. I wore yet another floral situation, because I’m a flower child. I’ll leave the aztec prints and florals to my girlfriends. 

As The day came to a close it was a bittersweet feeling to three sensational days that flew by like a blink of an eye. Filled with camping, partying, dancing, and sweating. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends to make while camping. Together we experienced some of the best performances by Martin Garrix, Zedd, MGMT, Lorde, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, and my favorite Disclosure.

Weekend 2 goers, have a f*king AMAZING time!! 

photographer: Natalie

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Ko Lanta, Thailand Photo Journal 

After a quick 24 hours in Bangkok, I headed down to the south of Thailand to visit Krabi. This day was long, hot, and completely different from anything I expected.


  1. Visited a traditional Thai village to view ancient coffee preparation
  2. Visited Sala Dan District for lunch
  3. Visited Tobalieu Community (a fishing village on the beach)
  4. Kayaked out to plant sea grass in Thung Yi Pheng for bio-diversity
  5. Long-tail boat back to Thung Yi Pier

If you’re an outdoors kind of guy, this portion of my trip is for you. Otherwise, look forward to my next post in Thailand. This is more for the leisurely type, like me. ;)

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Transitional Coachella Attire

Shirt: Guess/ Tank: Vans/ Shorts: French Connection/ Shoes: Sperry’s/ Bracelet: Coach + Philip CrangiBracelet: Men in Cities/ Cuff: George Frost / Sunglasses: Warby Parker/ Watch: 1 Face

After my first day at Coachella on Friday, I learned first hand that the field is a desert in true form. Going from extreme heats during the day, to really cold lows during the night, which is not acceptable for shorts and tank-top weather (I froze the entire walk back to my campsite). Planning for day two, I knew better and decided to work on layers that would be easy to take on and off. Which is where my button down came into play, perfect to protect from the sun, easy enough to take off when got hot and wrap around my waist, and then great to keep me warm when I got cold a night. Because honestly, functionality is key to surviving Coachella for the long haul! 

As for the music, Saturday was so much fun! I saw Skrillex and Zedd perform live in the Sahara tent. Hands down my favorite tent at Coachella; the lights, the music, the experience! You don’t wanna miss this tent for house music if you’ve never been! Though there was a dust storm on Saturday, I was luckily prepared with a handy bandana (not photographed), which is also another great accessory to have for soacking in ice cold water and wrapping around your neck or face when the heat becomes too much. Now if only I was going back for weekend two!

photographer: Anoop

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