An introduction to Berlin’s Techno scene from a Stateside Perspective 

Last week I hung out with my friend Kellen aka Black Dominoes, a DJ and producer originally from the States now living in Berlin. I asked him about DJing, producing club music, and how all of that fits in with his personal lifestyle. After showing me his studio/ workspace, he took me to a local burrito spot down the street from his flat in Friedrichshain, a really chill neighborhood just north of Kreuzberg here in Berlin. While seeing Berlin from his point of view, I had a few obvious questions about who he is, why Berlin, what Berlin means to him, and most importantly what DJ’ing means to him. Plus the unavoidable future question. 

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Now that the seasons are changing, I’ll be embracing Tommy Bahama’s and Vince Camuto’s crispy scents before winter fully arrives. (at Berlin - Neukölln)

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Berlin’s Style is Calling 

Black, the color of most major cities. This stays true in Berlin as much as it does in New York, Paris, or Stockholm. Though how each city differentiates how they wear black is what sets them apart. I have noticed in Berlin the guys here LOVE their sneakers. Allowing them to be the standout piece in an all black outfit, this may be true elsewhere too, but I think Berlin has their own take. Above is my attempt at an all black outfit with statement sneakers. I may not have gotten it down yet, but I am going to have fun exploring this style. Shop the post below: 

These are just a few suggestions from what I’ve seen so far. Stay tuned to see how my style inspirations evolve the longer I stay in Berlin! 

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What it Means to be an Original 

The word original can be interpreted in many ways depending on the individual. Original Penguin asked me this question above and for me, original is to stay creative to oneself without loosing track of who they are and who they want to be. This is exactly what I have done over the last four years and so much in the last four months. To be original at first was to leave Texas where one is expected to conform or be ridiculed otherwise, and then upon graduation from university I still felt I wanted to be original from being a “New Yorker”, thus why I made the move to Europe and have made Berlin my new home. I’m still not done writing my story or figuring out who I am, but I believe these choices in my life are what it means for me to be an original. 

As for my outfit selection, the weather in Berlin has expedited the fall process and is quite chilly. Perfect to embrace Original Penguin’s latest fall pieces and warm colors that I love so much about Fall. Especially being able to wear beanies again, I love a good head accessory either it be a hat or beanie! Though my favorite piece in this outfit  is their plush super warm sweater that makes me feel like I’m wrapped in a throw blanket keeping me cozy and warm. I also can’t neglect how cute their backpack is, and is essential for a freelancer like me to carry their laptop, camera, external phone charger, and any other daily essentials. 

Now that the seasons are changing, use this time to think about what makes you an original and use your discovery to express yourself this Fall! 

Outfit Credits: 
Beanie, Sweater, Pants, Backpack: Original Penguin/ Shoes: Converse/ iPhone case: Kenzo/ Bracelet: Giles & Brother/ Watch: Daniel Wellington (reminder to use code: fredrdgz to get 15% off during month of September)

photgrapher: Devid

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This Week on Instagram - September 8th - 14th 

Without a doubt, I can say I’m genuinely happy to call Berlin home after my first week back. I’m lucky to already have a good friend in town who has made my transition quite seamless and my roommates are pretty cool too! I started this week by hitting Ikea that is so well connected in Berlin (just one of the things I love, their public transportation is pretty awesome). After finding some new accents for my room, the next day I ventured for a sunny run around my new neighborhood of Neukolln. Though the rest of the week turned out to be rainy, but made for a beautiful site under one of their Ubahn metro stops. Back in my flat, I had finally finished putting my minimal room together, and without a job yet I have had a lot of time to explore more of Berlin that I didn’t get to see when I was last here in June. Then finally the weekend arrived and it flew by with coffee, bike rides, delicious breakfast, and ended with a fun outfit shoot coming later this week. 

It’s going to be sunny and the 70’s all this week, so I am looking forward to a true taste of fall before Berlin turns for a long cold winter. 

  1. Feeling REAL at home at Ikea while shopping for my new flat. 
  2. Capturing my Sbahn metro stop during a beautiful sunny day. 
  3. Getting caught in the rain under an Sbahn. >.<
  4. My new minimal room! :D
  5. Exploring sites of abandoned Berlin by Frankfurt Tor. 
  6. Enjoying a coffee made with love from my barista friend. 
  7. Taking my roommates bike out for a spin around town. 
  8. Trying out the cafe directly below my flat’s window. It was DELICIOUS! 
  9. Bloggers like to have fun too! ;)

- @FredRdgz

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