Summer Skincare Essentials

During my trip to Turkey I made sure to pack summer skincare essentials. Because I know how much we all love spending our summer out in the sun soaking in as much sun-rays as we can. Though as much fun it may be pool or beachside getting the perfect tan, it’s also important to take care of your skin. You don’t need much, but there are some essentials I can’t live without when it comes to getting sunshine. 

  • Avéne - Cleansing Lotion
  • Hawaiian Tropic - Tanning Oil, SPF 2 - 10 
  • Warby Parker Sunglasses
  • Avéne - After Sun Repair Lotion

These four elements cover the before, during, and after while focusing on keeping your body fresh and your face cleansed. Acne breakout free (because we all know a lot of sun can cause oil build up and acne to arise). This is why my first mandatory essential is to help keep your face clean and prevent oil build up. Nobody likes acne during the summer. For my second essential, it’s obviously tanning oil and this can range from various SPF’s depending on your skin tolerance. Since I’m hispanic, I could use SPF 2 without any problems as long as I reapplied every three hours. Granting me an extremely golden tan at the end of my four days in Turkey. Now for my third essential, is a fashionable pair of sunglasses that offer a polarized tint to protect from the sun and add a cool texture to all of your summer photos. And finally, my last essential is to help once you’ve made the common mistake of putting too little tanning oil on in an effort to speed up tanning process. Yes, this after sun repair lotion helped save me while I was in Turkey. After two days of baking my skin, it was about to be on fire, but by applying Avéne’s sun repair lotion to my entire body each night. The lotion instantly helped cool and repair my skin without the annoying sunburn discomfort. Allowing me to enjoy my trip back home. :)

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Captivated by Berlin (and its heat)

Coming back to Berlin after my four day getaway to Amsterdam has been quite amazing. With my new appreciation for the city and roaming around the city center filled with rich history around every corner. I can actually see myself living here for an extending period, and not only party. I see myself starting over new, with a different lifestyle in a city that offers a lot more space and activities to continue my growth. Which is exactly what I was looking for upon leaving New York. With that being said, I am currently applying for a Freelance work visa in Berlin that would grant me up to two year stay in this booming city. Wish me luck, as there are a few obstacles I must jump through before I can make this happen. Though as I always believe, everything happens for a reason. 

As for my outfit, I’ve said this before and always do during the summer in New York, Texas, and now Berlin. It is hot, hot, hot! At least in New York and Texas I had ac to escape to. Germany does not believe in such a cooling system, so I have been wearing endless tank-tops, but don’t want to always be exposing my shoulders. My best option is to throw a light button down over for protection from the sun, while also allowing easy access to take off and wrap around your waist if need be. This is something I apply while at the clubs here, because if you think a club with ac is hot. You have never been to Berlin club on a hot summer night. Talk about walking into a sauna and dancing. Sweat is pouring out of you within minutes, though for some crazy reason it’s okay and you keep dancing well passed the sun rises… Can you tell I am falling for Berlin? 

Outfit Credits: 
Shirt: American Eagle/ Tank: Pac Sun/ Shorts: Levis/ Shoes: Toms/ Cuff: Giles & Brothers/ Watch: Casio/ Sunglasses: Warby Parker

photographer: Devid

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Paradise in Fethiye, Turkey 

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting one of the most beautiful resorts located on the southern coast of Turkey. From Paris it was only a four hour flight to Istanbul, followed by a quick one hour flight to Deleman, and then another speedy one hour car ride to the isolated resort Hillside Beach Resort. Located on a secluded hill on the Mediterranean ocean. Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe how beautiful the location is, each corner held another image out of a post card. During my four days there, I was able to enjoy their 9am yoga class on one of their silent beaches that doesn’t allow children (two hands in the air emoji), the view from this location allowed me to catch a glimpse of the resort in the golden early morning. After yoga I proceeded to enjoy their complimentary buffet style breakfast (lunch & dinner) with an assortment of anything I’d like, and then I’d do a little bit of laptop work from my outdoor terrace. All before noon, when I’d then spend the rest of day laying out on one of their sun decks in the ocean, periodically jumping in the crystal blue water. After a full day of fun in the sun, I’d grab yet another buffet style dinner with my friend Adam. We’d then set aside a little from time each day for photos, but the real pleasure was getting a tan and enjoy laying down after a long day in our extremely comfortable beds. Creating an ultimate experience from fun in the sun to comfort at night. ;)

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Art Meets Fashion in Amsterdam  

Despite the moody weather I experienced in Amsterdam, I was still able to venture out of the city on a short ferry ride to one of their coolest museums, The Eye. Inside was a mixture of modern and contemporary art, while the outside was really my real attraction. Jagged lines and geometric architecture made for an ideal background for a comfortable outfit suitable for a chilly day out to a museum. 

Starting with a basic v-neck shirt can sometimes be challenging to create an outfit that isn’t going to blend in amongst the crowd. It’s easy to throw a basic hoodie over on a chilly day, or leave only shirt and jeans. I believe in adding prints to most outfits that are surrounded by basics, this then helps add individuality and texture. While sometimes monochromatic looks are sleek and chic, on days you’re going for an extra edge, I’d recommend prints for a modern look. Just a little tip in the future from Amsterdam. ;)

Outfit Credits: 
Shirt: French Connection/ Shirt: Kenneth Cole/ Jeans: Mavi/ Shoes: Converse/ Watch: Casio/ Bracelet: George Frost

photographer: Anthony

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This Week on Instagram

From Amsterdam back to a sunny and slightly too warm Berlin (oh, summer). Arriving back in a sunny Berlin was exciting to get out and see more sites than my first week due to other priorities ;). Though with the sun came weather making Berlin feel like a literal sauna… sleep hasn’t been so pleasant this week. Luckily there are an abundance of pools and lakes nearby to cool off at. 

  1. Amsterdam Central canal.
  2. Exploring endless canals in Amsterdam. 
  3. Headed back to Berlin after 4 days in Amsterdam. 
  4. Evening run at Tempelhofer (abandoned) airport. 
  5. Raising my sunglasses to a sunny Berlin’s tv tower. 
  6. From where I stood above a Berlin manhole. 
  7. Indulging in Vietnamese restaurant, Green Leef, in Kreuzberg.
  8. Escaping my steamy flat at a HUGE nearby public pool in Neukölln. 
  9. So hot I left the city for a nearby lake, Berlin is HAWT! 

- @FredRdgz

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