Today’s flashback takes you all the way back to my first semester at FIT, when I actually had time to attend school events. Even some theat were held at another campus, just like this seminar held a Parson’s The New School. 

The title was, Fashion Cuts: Public Media and the Fashioning of Reality. Such a proper title considering the speaker, Tim Gunn and Scott Schuman from the Satorialist. Luckily for me to be able to attend this public seminar, since I am technically at competing student, or at least that is something I learned when I attended.

The topic on the table was discussing how to be create, how Scott started up the Satorialist, and how Tim Gunn has changed from an advisor at Parson’s to a tv show host. Their words of advice were inspiring in the fact that anything can be done with the proper amount of energy and enthusiasm. Most of the discussion focused on Scott though, he gave a large overview of how he decided to create his street style blog. Explaining his successes from the beginning to where he was at a year ago. Considering he is still growing, he is someone with an exponential amount of knowledge. 

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