Outward Adventure: Beacon, NY 

As the seasons change so do my interest and the direction I want to take my blog. Slowly I have been toying with the idea of adding more travel, food, and other aspects of life that interest me beyond fashion. This is my first travel post on a day trip I semi spontaneously took (conscious of where I was going, but had no clue what was there) this past weekend. Quickly I saw the beauty once I was off the train and saw the harbor, and then I saw a playground in the distance. I am a sucker for swings therefore I couldn’t pass up being a little kid again before I ventured into the town. True to my nature of taking the road less traveled, I followed the main road into town without knowing what I would come across. Luckily I came across Beacon’s beautiful waterfall, street art, and cute houses. All before I ventured back through the town to their prestigious DIA: Beacon museum. I knew nothing about the museum just as I knew nothing about the town, but quickly I was amazed by the collection of various pieces that could appeal to almost anyone. I spent my last hours there before catching the metro north back to Manhattan, only a quick hour and a half away perfect for reading a book. My recommendation: Two Boys Kissing.

photography: all taken from iPhone 5S

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