10 Pictures from my month in Neukölln, Berlin 

During the month of July, I had the pleasure of living in an Airbnb studio in Neukölln, Berlin. I knew nothing about the neighborhood before arriving, and highly underestimated the distance of their blocks upon arriving off the Sbahn. Quickly I learned my nearest Ubahn stop, Leinestrase was closed and had been closed for a year already (crazy for me coming from New York, where stations only close on the weekend momentarily). None the less, I quickly fell in love with my charming Turkish neighborhood on the verge of gentrification. Even if I had to walk 15 minutes everyday/ morning arriving back from the club (talk about being tired at 10am after at least 8 hours of partying, and then looking forward to such a walk). Though now after this experience, I will take any distance that is less for a metro and be completely happy. Even if the walk was brutal, there were perks to being deep inside of an old neighborhood. Such as being a minute away from Berlin Tempelhofer Airport that is abandoned and now used for summer picnics, running, and many pop-up installations. There was even an awesome pool not pictured above, but can be seen on my Instagram, this pool was called Sommerbad Neukölln. A real treat for the steamy summer month that Berlin was treating me to during my stay in July. Overall, I was extremely happy to have landed in Neukölln without knowing the area prior, and now plan to make this my new neighborhood when I move to Berlin in September. :)

  1. An outside view of my cozy flat. 
  2. Peaking through my courtyard before entering my flat. 
  3. Endless space at Tempelhofer. 
  4. An adorable cafe only a minute away. 
  5. Cheap and delicious german breakfast bodega
    (excuse my New York :P ).
  6. Berlin is full of beautifully contrasting buildings.
  7. ALDI, my local grocery store only 5 minutes away, and dreadful Ubahn stop that was closed which felt it was taunting me each time I walked passed it. 
  8. Ban Ban chicken, the best Korean BBQ you’ll find for cheap in Neukölln. 
  9. Another glimpse at the architectural gems in Berlin.
  10. 15 minute walk later… my faithful Boddinstrase Ubahn metro stop that was my lifeline to rest of Berlin. 

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