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Transitional Coachella Attire

Shirt: Guess/ Tank: Vans/ Shorts: French Connection/ Shoes: Sperry’s/ Bracelet: Coach + Philip CrangiBracelet: Men in Cities/ Cuff: George Frost / Sunglasses: Warby Parker/ Watch: 1 Face

After my first day at Coachella on Friday, I learned first hand that the field is a desert in true form. Going from extreme heats during the day, to really cold lows during the night, which is not acceptable for shorts and tank-top weather (I froze the entire walk back to my campsite). Planning for day two, I knew better and decided to work on layers that would be easy to take on and off. Which is where my button down came into play, perfect to protect from the sun, easy enough to take off when got hot and wrap around my waist, and then great to keep me warm when I got cold a night. Because honestly, functionality is key to surviving Coachella for the long haul! 

As for the music, Saturday was so much fun! I saw Skrillex and Zedd perform live in the Sahara tent. Hands down my favorite tent at Coachella; the lights, the music, the experience! You don’t wanna miss this tent for house music if you’ve never been! Though there was a dust storm on Saturday, I was luckily prepared with a handy bandana (not photographed), which is also another great accessory to have for soacking in ice cold water and wrapping around your neck or face when the heat becomes too much. Now if only I was going back for weekend two!

photographer: Anoop

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Festal Attire: Florals at Coachella 

Shirt: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply/ Shorts: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply/ Shoes: Vans/ Watch: Casio

I can’t believe how fast this weekend flew by, only just what felt like yesterday was I arriving to Coachella’s camp grounds. Now it’s Monday afternoon, and I’m back in LA with a bittersweet feeling of nostalgia (can’t you be infinite Coachella?). This weekend Coachella became my home, filled with many new friends and memories that will last me a lifetime embracing my first Coachella experience. From kicking my first night off with Martin Garrix, to actually camping for my first time in a least 10 years. I can go on and on why this weekend was sensational, but I’ll add more detail over the course of this weeks posts.

Luckily I saved a few refreshing pieces to pull me through Coachella after Thailand, because the weather wasn’t any cooler! When they say it’s in a desert, it is in a desert with high heat and cool evenings. I knew that I needed to wear something refreshing to stay cool during the day, but quickly learned on my first night that a jacket is necessary to stay warm unless you don’t mind freezing. So pro tip for your first Coachella, pack a light jacket and a beanie for the nighttime shows.

I’ll be hanging out in LA for the next two days, then headed up to San Francisco to visit a great friend at Sanford and a new Coachella friend in the mission district. The real treat will be taking the Pacific Coast Highway for my first time. Some say it’s the drive of a lifetime. 

photographer: Anoop

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Tricks on Wearing Shoes in Thailand 

Shirt: French Connection/ Shorts: American Eagle/ Shoes: ASOS/ Laces: Hickies

When packing for my trip to Thailand I most importantly knew that I would be taking my shoes on and off a lot due to Thai culture. In addition to packing many light layers, I made sure to include my HICKIES. They made taking my shoes on and off a seamless part of going through my busy days traveling through Thailand. 

On my last day in Thailand it was a real treat to visit the Sukhothai Historical Park filled with their many temples. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my last day in Thailand, as when I first researched the many destinations I’d be visiting, these temples stood out to me the most. The history and beauty behind this location is what captured my attention, and after exploring the park it more than lived up to what I expected. 

Lastly, I’m finally back in the states after 30 plus hours of traveling! I’m currently finishing up my blog post on the camping fair grounds of Coachella. I couldn’t be happier to be done traveling and enjoy my first Coachella. Here’s to another weekend of new experiences! 

photographer: Zach

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Thailand in April, Mandatory Tank-Top Weather

Hat: Vans/ Tank: Armani Exchange/ Shorts: American Eagle/ Shoes: Converse/ Watch: 1 Face/ Bracelet: Lulu Frost/ Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole

I’m sure I sound like a broken record by now, but the weather here in Thailand is just SOOO HOT and sticky! For some reason Sukhothai heat feels a lot more stagnant to me than it did in Bangkok and Krabi. I literally walk outside and start sweating (more like melting). It’s such a shame that it dampened my time here, because the historic site Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat temple I visited in this post was amazing and gave me an inside peak at normal life of a Buddhist being ordained and a glimpse into Songkran (Thailand New Year, in which water is thrown upon others to wash away all the bad and is a time for renewal). These images hardly give the location justice, but I tried my best to capture the essence of each location though one must visit if they really want to understand the beauty behind Thailand’s formal first capital.  

As for my outfit, when I’m sweating buckets I figured might as well wear as little possible, right? Second best to being shirtless is a slim cut tank-top that allows a lot of room for breathing and light shorts that’ll also allow your legs to breathe. Because to be honest, there is no way to win against the heat. I learned to just cope with drenching my outfit in sweat and try my best looking good while doing it.

I’m back to the states right now as this post goes live for a quick 35 hours of commuting from Bangkok to Palm Springs for Coachella (woo hooo, fun in the desert!). Though, I still have one more outfit post from my stay in Sukhothai, Thailand and a full recap of from my highlights at each location starting next week. Prepare to fall in love with Thailand just as I did! 

photographer: Apple

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Traditional Tropical Attire: Florals and Whites 

Shirt: French Connection/ Shorts: American Eagle/ Shoes: Soludos/ Sunglasses: Warby Parker/ Watch: Casio/ Cuff: George Frost

Welcome to my second week in Thailand! The funny thing about being here compared to New York, it’s like living in the future. As I prepare this post it’s currently Monday evening, but it’s just the whee morning on the east coast of the states. A little realization that hit me yesterday during the most beautiful sunset I’ve experienced (picture speed boat, private island, fire dancers, and fire lanterns filled with wishes; more to come on my once in life experiences when I’m back in the states and give you all a full recap of my adventures while I’ve been in Thailand). The point is, when the sun sets here, it’s rising for all of my friends on the east coast. We really do live on small world. 

As for my outfit, like I’ve said it’s really hot here and the key is: less is more. Coordinating colors and prints is the best way to stay true to your style, while not completely melting. White is a traditional tropical color, and I wasn’t going to miss my opportunity to embrace the color before memorial day. Though I may have been worried all day that I was going to get my shorts dirty (I did, sigh), the real treat was feeling and looking fresh despite my constant flow of sweat. So don’t forget to pack your whites on your next tropical excursion! 

Lastly, I am trying to include a little piece of each hotel I stay at while I’m here in Thailand. The tourism board went above and beyond to make sure each of my accommodations were 5 to 6 star level, and believe me. I am being pampered, #princess status. For two nights while I was in Krabi, Thailand I was able to stay at the Sofitel resort hotel in a breathe taking king suite overlooking their pool. A place filled with anything you’ll need for fun from a run on the beach, yoga on the lawn, or even a speed boat out to a near island. 

Krabi, I will miss you! <3

photographer: Zach

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